Restoring Family Joy (RFJ) Benefits















  • U.S. Reporting Agency Endangered Species Reproduction Unit (ESRU) program recipients
  • Community Transport Programs
  • Universal Real Estate and Management Housing Assistance
  • Angel G Win Foundation Income Assistance Programs
  • Active Military and Veterans Assistance Programs
  • Scholarship 'No Worry' Extensions Plans for Students
  • Day and Knight Care Program (s)
  • Education Today Currency Program
  • Drug Diversion Programs (DDP)
  • Business Model (BM) Programs range from New Technology to Homecare. CLICK HERE for an associated Business Model (BM) programs list (Page 14).
  • For males and/or females seeking to assist, Join our Fathers 4 Families and/or Angel G Win Foundation mentoring program. Be the solution!

  • Emergency Currency Programs

  • Additional Specialized Programs

  • MORE: Families broken after 9/11, the war in Iraq, hurricanes, Louisiana Disaster and other U.S. challenges are all automatic beneficiaries.

    Also: Land owners whom did not receive just compensation after hurricane Katrina and/or other disasters can apply for claims. Automatically approved!

*Guaranteed Approval
*The Restoring Family Joy (RFJ) currency assistance program is a privately managed program supported by INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS CREDCHIT International partners as well as contributors. Current CREDCHIT Account holders can transfer currency to providers with manual account while the electronic International Purchase Network (IPN) installation system is being installed.
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NOTES: 100,000c to 200,000c Per child, distributed at birth managed effectively allocated monthly as needed in CREDCHIT accounts, authorized by the distributing currency provider. What this means is that all needs are met, however, managed accordingly (increasing when needed, authorize, requested and/or willed).

Program to assist person with conversion to the 'FREE' system. Also, conversion systems effectively getting people to understand how to work with a 'FREE' system. Entrepreneur Attitude and mentality replacing employer mentality. Delegating, problem solving, working with a team, following instructions, no matter what your position, everyone and/or everybody is doing something. Accepting 'FREEDOM' and overcoming just getting by replaced by a 'Better Living Experience'. Management: Working wit people effectively to install 'FREE' programs.