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You must have a productive, active and participating male involved in the raising associated with your children in order to receive family compensation. The male can be the father and/or an active Fathers 4 Families male member. If you do not have a male involved in your living experience, we will assist you with acquiring a program sponsor and/or participating partner (chosen by you).

For Single Parent Fathers, the same program guidelines apply. Angel G Win Foundation female program participants are happy to assist with the 'Raising the Community (RC)' program.

*Yes individuals (Single Adults) can apply for programs however, the Restoring Family Joy (RFJ) program is specifically for Families. CLICK HERE to review programs for Single and/or Pregnant Persons.


Ladies applying for benefits are required to have a male participant involved when children are involved. They may bring a male Fathers 4 Families mentor with them for program participation. Such males are not responsible at all for financial repayment according to NWO Code 103.90(e), NWO Code 103.90(j) and are not required to place mentor information on any type documentation. Mentor's may participate in assisting with raising strong, healthy children with no penalties.

NOTE: Participating mentors programs are available to provide participating Fathers 4 Families Mentors with financial compensation for dedicating dynamic energy and devotion to Angel G Win Foundation Children and Mothers and again, are protected from paternity test pursuant by NWO Code 103.90(e) and NWO Code 103.90(j) and choosing a particular family is not required when participating. Mentoring family assignments are handled by Fathers 4 Families program offices separate from the currency provisions office and are protected as such.


Emergency currency programs are available for emergency bill pay for utility bills, automotive repossession prevention, eviction prevention assistance, clothing as well as employment and/or Business Model (BM) placement assistance.

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