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All digital copies distributed are documented within distribution tables. Tables may be available for six to twelve months, however, any payment due (in CREDCHIT Currency Units (CCU)) are payable 60 days after sale(s)/distribution date(s).

Easy Music 4 U will deduct the negotiated percentage (15 to 30%) plus any taxes and/or surcharges associated with each successful distributed copy. The remaining portion will appear in your account.

Any and/or all music published by this site generates international rights pursuant to NWO Code 180.47, protecting any such material from fraud, infringement and/or use as well as protect(s) the author, performer, writer and producer from malicious intent by organizations, individuals, corporations and/or other entities with intent on attempting ownership rights and/or rights for use in generating currency and/or compensation from sales not authorized by the original works creator. Published works, according to NWO Code 180.47 shall present an equal to and/or greater medium for right(s) establishment than mailing and/or sending such works (whether sound, written and/or other) to ones self and/or utilizing any such services provided by federal and/or regional government copyright services such as those provided by the Congress Library (Library of Congress). Any such entities requesting compensation for establishing copyright and/or right(s) services as a mandatory policy to protect interest and/or creator(s) right(s) shall, according to NWO Code 180.47, have been superseded by said global digital media established right(s) rules as presented here. Thus, any uploaded digital media and/or any media uploaded & simultaneously published online for the entire society to see shall instantly have been protected by SOVEREIGN Society right in the highest degree (even greater than Copyright(s) provided by entities (federal and/or other) requesting compensation for such right. To establish right(s) in ownership, the original owner shall provide a letter to anyone requesting such information with dates created & published to establish ownership not possibly available to any other citizen, patron, person, being and/or other. Right(s) are always extended to the author, performer and/or creator first (where present) and then, with authorization by any such creator, to interested third parties (according to percentage(s) authorized by original works creator) respectively. Generally, any such published material covered by IUSO International Publishing Association (IPA) Digital rights, copyright and/or similar extension(s) are for work(s) that have been designed specifically with intent on maintaining 'FREE' works that are not to be sold while such work(s) are provided to society for 'FREE' without blemish from any global monetary systems incompatible with INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS primary network(s).

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