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Universal Superier ... (U.S.) Records

K.B. (Kyngebamme) aka Trillion

Release: 2014-2016(400 or More Songs 2 Years or more in the making).

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  We Living Good | MP3                          +552 Songs
Love Me Lovely | MP3   
No Mountain High Enough | MP3       
The Only Man For You | MP3       
You My Girl | MP3   
Like A Dream To Me | MP3 
Soft Touch Pretty Eyes | MP3
Fantasize I'm Your Dream | MP3 
Your So Sexy | MP3
Love in The Dark | MP3  
No Question About Our Future | MP3  
Tour Anthem | MP3
Your Love's For Me | MP3
On Your Mind | MP3
Do Anything for Me | MP3
Honey Suckle | MP3  
Friend Like Me | MP3
I'm The Man You Love | MP3  
Our Eternal Love is True | MP3
Have Fun | MP3  
Girl Fantasize | MP3
You Me Together Girl | MP3  (Tech Difficulties)   
You 'NEED' My Love | MP3 
We All Together | MP3  
How Much I Love You | MP3
Alone With You | MP3                            
Whenever I am With You | MP3
Just How We Play | MP3  +ps 
Your Love's Like a Treasure | MP3 
Worldwide Power | MP3 
Land The Free | MP3 
Forever Alive | MP3 
Every Day Work It Out | MP3 
What Do You See | MP3 
Your More Valuable | MP3 
Do With Love | MP3 
When I Walk In | MP3  
Love From Above | MP3  
Have Some Fun | MP3  +1ps 
We Work It Out | MP3  +ps  
Love All Night | MP3  
Most Beautiful Girl | MP3 
Every Day Riding | MP3 
Love Between Us | MP3  
Dance Dance | MP3 
I'm In Control | MP3  +1ps      
Feel Good Like You Should | MP3 
Our Love Is True | MP3 
Now That We're Together | MP3 
So You Can See | MP3
I'm On Top MW | MP3 
Success Is Real | MP3  
Mind In A Scholar | MP3
Look Into My Eyes | MP3
Legend In My Own Mind | MP3
Lean On Me | MP3  
Loving You | MP3  
My Friend & My Lover | MP3
Stay On Your Mind | MP3  
Don't Want To Be Alone Without You Girl | MP3(
Love You Forever
| MP3(
Love Is The Answer
| MP3(  
We All In
| MP3(      
Success I Keep Tasting
| MP3(  
Dream To Be With Me
| MP3(    
I'm Never Giving You Up
| MP3(  
It's On Again Light Shining
| MP3(  
| MP3(   (Technical Difficulties)     
Take Me To Another Level
| MP3(    1.5MP3ps 
It Feels So Good
| MP3(
Open Your Eyes To This Love
| MP3(  
Love That I Give
| MP3(   
Girl Let's Make Love Tonight
| MP3( (Technical Difficulties)
Success Inevitable
|   MP3   
Don't Want You To Go
|   MP3   
Work It Out Out
|   MP3   
It's Our Turn
|   MP3    +ps  
Making Love To Me
|   MP3    +2ps    
You Coming To Me
|   MP3 
Coming Like You Wanted
|   MP3 
A Way Home
|   MP3   
So I Can Put It Inside
|   MP3   
Girl Make Love
|   MP3 
Whatever You Want
|   MP3  
Have A Baby Tonight
|   MP3 
Focus In Thighs Trembling
|   MP3    
Leg Up On The Wall
|   MP3     
Don't Even Matter No More
|   MP3  
Making Love To You
|   MP3  
We Keep On Living
|   MP3  
Open Up & Let Me In
|   MP3   
West Side Ride All Night
|   MP3   
Forever Young
|   MP3  
Being With You A Dream
|   MP3    
My Love That You 'NEED' Working
|   MP3 
You Gonna Love Me Tonight
|   MP3   
Alluring Love
|   MP3    
Don't Stop Loving Me
|   MP3 
What You Want
|   MP3 
No Panties On
|   MP3  
The 'ONE'
Gone Make Love Tonight
Love Mine Dream About Me
I GotCha Coming
Eternal Souls 'FREE'
The Only Thing That Matters
A Party
Make Love To Me Girl
Under The Moon Light Free
Dream In The Car
Marry Me Girl
Good Love
Love Me 'NEED' Me
We We Ride Forever
Stay On Top A Team
Fantasize 'FREE'
Turn It Up In The Speakers
See Me On My Way
You & Me Let's Get It On
You'll Never Forget My Love
No Mountain High Enough
When I'm With You
Love Most 'NEEDED'
We Gone Make It
Love To Me Girl
Love You Long Time
Never Letting Go
Girl It's Your Love
Feeling Good To Me
Fraternizing With Stars
No 'ONE' Else Above Me
I'm The One For You For You
You & Me Loving Me
Make Love
Tight & It's Right
How Good Does It Get
I'll Show You The Way
A Baby Tonight
Eternal Love
Make Love To Me
My 1st Love
My Love Inside
Yeah Just Like That
Until The End The Night
Girl Come With Me
I'm In Love With You
My Lady, Lover & Friend
I Keep You Coming
When You Love Me Girl
Been Around The World
Every Day Hustling Love
I'm a Make It Anyway
Technical Difficulties
This Loving's Tight
      (Technical Difficulties)
We In Love
                            (Technical Difficulties)  
Hot & Horny
Can't Get Enough
Girl Loving Me
Until You Come
While We Shine Together 'FREE'
Love You Forever
It's You & Me Forever
Can't Nobody
You've Got The Loving That I 'NEED'
Fantasize About You & Me
Your My Friend
Together We Free
'US' Making Love
Some Body Loves You
Canton India & K.B./Trillion
Everything's Alright
Loves Supposed To Be Free
Hot & Steamy
               +2pStereo   +3pStereo 
The Only Man For You
Loving You I Get Around
Up In Here
          +2Original                +5pStereo     
Put It Inside
This Love
Making It Love Riding With You
Until Eternity
How We Ride
Wealth Abundant
Living In Luxury
Middle The Night
Girl Loving Me Free       

Don't Stop
Roll With Me Love You
EveryWhere I Go 
+Original   +2.5pStereo   
Show Me Love  
+2Aps  Original   +3pStereo   
Girl You Captivating      
Everybody Wants To Roll With Me 
Right Here Living Heaven 
Winners High Signing     
Loving Me The Key       
When I Think You         
Open Wide          
 Original  +2  +3    MC    
Alone Tonight                
Girl I'm What You Want  
NEED' A Friend
Whenever I'm With You 
About To Get Mine          
You My Girl                 
Decide to Live              
Be With My Love           
Fast Lane                      
Call Me Poppie              
Worldwide Phenomenon 
You Got Me Coming      
Family Man                   
Balling Ya'll        
 3panned     +3pStereo   \
I'm A Love You Girl        
Slide Inside                  
In The Front                 
Hear Me                       
Easy Days                     
Worldwide Winner # 1   
Don't Settle For Less     
Loving Me   
Winners # 1      
 4panned     +4pStereo  
Than With You                    
All Night  
+3p      +3pStereo   +4pStereo   +3
Give The World To Me          
One Love For Me                  
On Camera On TV                 
A Rider                                
Girl I Really Want To Love You
Being # 1                             
Private Dancer                     
In Living Color                     
Put It In Deep                      
Can You See? 
About You       
You Loving Me Tonight  
Right Here For You 
Making My Money  
Everything Together 
You The One For Me
You Loving Me    
Wet Like The River (Only 'ONE' Version)
Wet Like The River (Original)
You Gone Pay
When I Think A You
Loving Every Day' (+7)
We're All You 'NEED' (+5)
Show Me The Way (+7)
Wishing On A Star (+5)
Dancing At The Club (+5)
Learn The Rules (+5)
Don't Want to Be Alone Without You (+5)
In Adversities Face   (+5)
Loving Every Day'
We're All You 'NEED' 
Show Me The Way
Wishing On A Star 
Dancing At The Club
Learn The Rules 
Don't Want to Be Alone Without You
In Adversities Face
Made 'ONE'
It's Alright 
The Loveliest Thing
Living Legend(s)
Over Seas Securities 
Work Like A 9 to 5 
You Gone Make Love To Me
Your Love's Calling Me
When There's No Way
Right Here With Me
Who Didn't See Me
Trillion Dollar Plan 
Bend It Over 
Make It Raise Me a Lady 
A Night in Heaven
Up All Night
When I Call On You
Now I've Returned
Winning Team 1st

A Living Heaven
Roll With The Best
I've Been Wondering
Trillion Dollar Global Grind
Love Me
Shining's My Thing 
When I Was A Child
When There's No 'ONE' Else
Patiently Waiting
Around The World Come With Me  
Keep My Light Lit
For Those Who Believe  
Be My Shining Star     
You Were Made For Me In Heaven    
Roll Roll Ride With Me               

You Stay on My Mind
When I 'NEED' You Girl      
Love Inside 
Look Me In The Eye                                
I'm Living A Dream                                
You & Me All Alone       
I'm Hosting the Show               
Keep The Resurrection Alive               
Trill Take Me Back                              
Born to Rise & Shine
Dream about Me                         
Forever You & Me  

We Looking Good
Shining Im a Star
Come On With Me
All Day & All Night
Im Going to Make It
I Make A Way
Im Lonely
Got To Be A Dream
Come a Little Closer
When You See Me
Im a Be There
I Will Rise
Illuminated Light
Everybody Rolling With Me
Future Ahead
When You NEED A Friend
Pushing Fast
Pushing Through The City
Guiding Light A Winner
Global Grind
We Gone Live This Dream
Get On Up In The Club
Way Out
Take Me Far Far Away
When You Get A Chance
Dreaming A Way
It's My Fame
I Got Everything
Thinking About You Girl
Super Human
When You See Me Coming
On My Way On Top
Final Call
Up All Day Up All Night
Winning Team Working
I Stay Shining
Cant Sleep
1 Round the World
Work Smart
I'm a Live Forever
Walking On The Beach
Mya Featuring K.B. (Kyngebamme) aka Trillion: Moving On
A Vision
Winner On Top
Shine Working With Winners Rising
Transport Home
When I Touch Down
Dancing on The Moon
Keep on Winning
#1 Winners
I Am On The Way
With You
Be Alone
Digital Love
Gone Make a Way
You & Me
The Emperor King
In the Ranks
Bosses in Charge
I'm Graduating
In My Area
Thinking About You
Be With You
Up in the Sky there's a Living Heaven
God Father
Make it to the Top
Tell Me Ya'll
Riches Fame Wealth Love
Winners Stay on Top
Forward Ahead
See Me on The Way
Rolling All Day
The Last Hour
On the Way to the Top
Boss Ambition Drop KDAY 93.5fm
I'm a Make it Work & Shine
Raise Me Up
Work With Me
Boss Ambition
Work with My Shine
Stay With Me
Trust Me Shine
Winner #1
I'm Somewhere in Heaven
I'm a Boss
I'm All Right
It's Our World
I'm Getting It
Blow in the Breeze
At the Top With the Best
We in VIP
Dance Step Ya'll
I'm the 'ONE'
I'm Make it Work
Rihanna featuring K.B. (Kyngebamme) aka Trillion: 'What's My Name'
I'll Come for You
Every Day I
I'm All Winners
On Top Winning Chosen Spinning
There's a Party at my House
Believe in the Wealth
Lets Have a Good Time
Turning Me On
Living Good
Out Shining
Lights Camera Action 2014
Call on Me
The Girl for Me
Stay on Top
Learned Leader
Come With Me
Make it With Me Family
Perfect Lover
In Control
See The Whole World
Today is My Day
Make A Change
The World is Mine
Money or Freedom
See What I've Got for You
Expect to See Stars
Expect to See Stars Original
I'm Making Money
Make a Way
One in Heaven in the Future Wish on a Star
Work it Out
Money Like Water
Shine Bright
Where You Going
My Hour to Shine
Star in the Night
We're Going To Heaven
Win With Me
With Me Your 'FREE'
Roll All Night
Always A Winner
On Top
Live Eternal My Right
New Place Alright All Night Winning
Work Stay Shining
Make You Dance
Living Heaven
Diamonds Shining
Love For You. Nobody Else
Okay Alright Smooth Win
Roll & Ride
Ride With Me Tonight
Moving Higher Winner Working
When there's No 'ONE'
About my Money
It's Alright
Good Time
Only 'ONE' Show Love
Come on Let's Shine
In The Future
You & I Together
Champion Team
Quantum Leap Into the Future
Shine Tonight
There's A Place
The Way That You Love Me
Trillion Kareoke
Just Rapping
My Money
Around the World
Who's That Knocking
Said I'm a Make it Win
Long Long While
Change History
I'm the Win
Fly ... Soar
Lonely Road
You Girl
Winning #1
It's All Good
Cant Change Me
The Reason Why I Live
One Way Road
Emperor King
Next to You ... Share Your Love
Profiling ... Be 'A' Like Me
Im On Top
Be With Me
Your Love Is Mine
Thing For You
Chill With Me
Paid All Night
By the Trillions Heaven's Eternity
Be With You ... Love You
3 Seconds
Work For You Winning Make it for You
When You're With Me
Getting It
What Do You Really Want Me To Do
Where We Going From Here
Infinitely Going Far
Work Let's Move Work
Respected Family
Get Down
One to Live
Grooving High Signing
Chosen One
1000 Years
'NEW' Breed
Michael Jackson featuring K.B. (Kyngebamme) aka Trillion: 'Billie Jean'
The Spectacular
All Alone
Children Head Up High
Rihanna featuring K.B. (Kyngebamme) aka Trillion:  'Umbrella'
Snoop 'Young & Free'
On The Grind For Real
Baila 'Dance With Me' Conmigo
'FREE' Out the Gate
UP There ... Nothing I'd Rather Do
My House
Sade 'Soldier of Love'
JAM ON IT 2014
Batmans Money Making Light
Live Shine Stay Free
Living Happy
See How it Works

































































































































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