The FRAZIER Foundation, in loving memory, providing blessings for all to see, established so all will remember the honorable Miles Frazier I and Miles Frazier II whom shall continue living within 'US' all eternally, founded by world Philosopher, Scholar, Author, Artist and Philanthropist Ahjahman Banyon Rogers Frazier, has been established to provide our world family with solutions for all in need. Education, the 'FREE' Currency extension program, family cohesiveness 'LOVE', youth programs, space camp,  Frazier country nature summer camp located within the FRAZIER Reservation, Restoring Family Joy, College Scholarships programs, medical aid, Housing Vouchers & many more helpful programs designed to give those whom can see the brilliant  vision depicting a 'NEW' world filled with perfect harmony bring relief to those within our communities whom need it most.

Partnered with world leading foundations like the Turner Foundation, Rihanna's the Believe Foundation, the Angel G Win Foundation, the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation and many sincere partners whom care about your future, the FRAZIER Foundation welcomes you to introduce new ideas and/or assistance organizations to help join the cause to provide solutions.

Whether providing healthcare for elders or youth and/or building schools to provide vital education necessary to fuel the minds responsible for making the world turn round, the FRAZIER Foundation needs you to make a difference. We are the FRAZIER Foundation. Weekly and Monthly training is provided in FUN workshops for youth and adults in establishing a strong as well as working organizational system utilized to build a unified world collective rich in happiness, wealth, prosperity, health and 'LOVE'. CONTACT us today for more information on how you can receive help as well as give.

The FRAZIER Foundation & you. We are the answer to World Peace ... 'US'!


"Working with the FRAZIER Foundation has been an incredible blessing" is a response many around the globe are agreeing on. The FRAZIER Foundation has diligently reached out to many in need and has also been a strong pillar providing strength to those seeking refuge. Lord. Thank You!

Angel G Win Foundation. Family.

In the continued growth as well as peaceful changes experienced globally, the FRAZIER Foundation serves the greater good selflessly. Confidence, morals, ethics and good standing have been a gift only the FRAZIER Foundation can give. As a member joined with the FRAZIER Foundation family, we all can feel good about who we are and be assured we are making a difference in the living experience gracing others. †

U.S. Credit Union. 'FREE' Currency.