An Honorable Tradition.                      A Noble 'New World'!

INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS professional services are available globally to all U.S. citizens in the many varied worldwide territories. No matter who you are and/or where you live, services are available for you Correctional Improvement programs

The INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS & the United Nations (U.N.) work together to manage successful global peace operations.

Families look forward to a future filled with promise, Love, Happiness, Prosperity, Wealth, Health and Blessings. A 'NEW WORLD'.

The INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS, working with global partners, rebuild the 'NEW WORLD' bringing peace, promise and a 'FREE' social system that facilitates happiness, liberty and justice for all. An entire panel working with the  INTERNATIONAL U.S. OPERATIONS Global Elects (GE) international court has installed global programs designed to balance social 'FREEDOM' for all while providing for citizens.

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