One Star Radio delivers 'NEW' as well as 'Classic' music from nearly every genre into a well managed listeners delight. Listen to your favorite artist 24 hours a day streaming on the 'ONLY' station dedicated to Universal Superier ... the Undisputed (U.S.) Records music. One Star Radio. The Best!


One Star Radio is focused on merging international music from many different countries into one station. In the very near future, One Star Radio will maintain a universal play list that will include U.S., Russian, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and other music selections.


While One Star Radio continues to integrate Blog Talk Radio Shows into the daily show schedule, you may click on the links below to listen to our recommended Blog Talk Radio DJ's. Integrated listening 'COMING SOON'!



Launching the most anticipated international radio/talk show station in 2006, 7 years later in 2013, One Star Radio continues to defy as well as exceed fan expectations by integrating Blog Talk Shows, live365 and Reverb Nation web tools into one functional site. Full global conversion coming soon!


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