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Experienced & Qualified SHOWPro Executives calculate solutions that work for you.

As an artist, SHOWPro understands what you need most to be as effective as possible. Diamond Formulas designed to reach Fans, Manage Business & increase distribution effectiveness are just a few SHOWPro advantages ...

SHOWPro Services | Elevating Artist. Platinum Results

MISSION: Developing artist to provide the world with Diamond Plaque material designed to make a mark in music's history that will live eternally.

Providing the essential tools necessary to insure that Universal Superier ... the Undisputed (U.S.) Records UNIVERSAL RECORDS division and it's partnering affiliates have 'EVERYTHING' they need to 'SUCCEED'..

  • Currency Management
  • Sponsors Come to Us. We share with you
  • Fan base Building and Fan Relations
  • Web Presence and Image Assistance

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Scheduling Compensating Show Performances:
We help schedule shows that pay you for performing
Promotions, Advertisement & Sales:
We promote and advertise to maximize sales
Ticket Sales. Ticket Sales
Ticket Solutions. We Help you draw a crowd
Professional Executive Amenities
Limousines, Quaint housing, Expenses & Attention