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USAIU provides you as a student with the most satisfying resources and provisions necessary to meet all educational need.

Managing a part time to full time online and/or satellite campus curriculum is easy at USAIU. Something especially for you. USAIU!


Choose your online curriculum and get the assistance you 'NEED'!

Purchase books from local campuses or online from the USAIU online book store. Every tool needed is available to you.


USAIU projects classroom locations opening as soon as first quarter, 2012. The expanded University campus will house the 'NEW' home for the Frazier Aerospace Museum.

Campus classroom location will become available as plans for the University campus are unveiled. Click to View an online course subject course list.


Professional counselors, career as well as education planners working for you.

Let 'US' help you define the specifics as it applies to mapping a path into the most desirable future for you. USAIU. The Answer just right!

Right Support

We understand your goals and can see the vision you have for your future.

We at USAIU work for you and provide you with the right support necessary to achieve pre determined goals. Working together. USAIU.

To continue, in addition to administrators whom understand your 'NEEDS', at USAIU, qualified educational assistant(s) see to it you have everything you 'NEED' to effectively managed your educational  experience.

Financial Aid

Student Grants and tuition assistance is provided for financial aid. Tuition 'FREE'!

Financial Aid currency is provided for Books, Tuition, Housing, Transportation, Expenses and Misc. currency responsibilities that may arise during your student experience.

Currency extension packages to meet all curriculum requirements are provided with USAIU tailored educational programs. USAIU. Just for you! Tuition worry 'FREE

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