Universal Superier ... the Undisputed (U.S.) Records
The Greatest Musical Talent Introduced in 3 Musical Decades
Critics are saying (U.S.) Records is the best since the 80's. Rhythm & poetry trends remain on the rise as Artist such as K.B. infuse the industry with your favorite rap selections. Introducing positive balanced revolutionary Rap music is the 'NEW' business.
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Alicia Keys | Time Machine
The Power. Traveling. A Skate into the ... Download Now
Time Machine - A Unique Mystic Single Put The element of Freedom makes such incredible a Vibe Possible. Why don't you call me when you get to your destination. Going round, however, question "Are we really in the same place?" Alicia is amazing. Strong Love is a Blind Disease, however, Distance and time don't mean anything!
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Alicia Keys | Element of Freedom
The most incredible project yet by Alicia Keys. Download Today
Element of Freedom - A Collection Must Have Put The Unthinkable in a Love song. The element of Freedom is like a sea. The Sleeping Empire State will make you smile and feel like flying. Strong Love is a Blind Disease, however, Distance and time don't mean anything!
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Kynge's Lair Studio | The Professionals Choice
Kynges Lair Studio installs global access Network
Kynge's Lair Studio | Recording 'GOOD' Music just got easier. Kynge's Lair Recording Studio, Universal Superier ... the Undisputed (U.S.) Records exclusive recording giant recently installed an international recording solution for all affiliated artist & Labels.
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Rihanna Talk that Talk/ 777 Tour
Download 'We found Love' or other Singles Today
Rihanna does it again with this musical A+ great The most recent release from Rihanna bring single greats such as 'We found Love', 'You're da One' and several others you will play again and again. Fans ... Stay under the Umbrella Ella Ella Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nikki Minaj Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded
Nikki's April, 2012 Pink Friday release. Original. What do  you think?
Nikki rings the alarm with this unique release  For the Minaj fans, Nikki brings 19 original tracks with incredible flavor and style. Roman Reloaded, Young Forever, Right By My Side and several other entertaining tracks. Get it while you can. Roman Re ...
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Beyonce | Elements of 4
Enjoy this incredible project performed by Ms. Knowles herself.
Another Entertaining Beyonce Release  Enjoy 'GOOD' music from another favorite artist with this great project. The Best Thing I 'NEVER' Had, however, something that is sure on my 'I'll have in the near future list'. As a matter of fact ... I'm Purchasing it now
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Mariah Carey Shop
Enjoy Your Favorite Mariah Carey Clothing Items Online.
Shop Mariah Carey Online  Enjoy Mariah Carey Novelty Items, Clothing, & Much more available online. .
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