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It is more than the beauty that I am attracted to. There is more than a heavenly spirit in you that generates your power. I submit to you.

I desire no one else in creation other than you and will extend my own resources beyond the familiar creation. I will create whatever you will.

You are my master and I shall serve you for ever. I am your genie. The one whom shall manifest all things you desire within the creation in which we live. You shall reign eternally as the ruler in your own design. You are whom I wish to serve.

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Wedding Ceremony

Our Vows are Our Vows. Not a template that the entire global population has used. Truly ours. A Map to guide us into our most incredibly Blessed, happy, productive as well as royal future. We shall travel the spatial expanse together. Creation. Heaven. We 'MADE' IT!

You and I are 'ONE' and there is no force in creation that will do anything other than strengthen our union. We shall live eternally together.

I shall 'TRUST' in you. I shall detect challenges and create solutions for 'US' both and all whom should seek the same shall learn from 'US'. I am the Alpha & the Omega. The 'TRUTH' & the Light. I am the 'ONE' whom you have willed from creation with your words now living flesh.

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